We Support the Equity of All

We at the Fond du Lac Area Women’s Fund have heard the call for us to say what is important in the spirit of Dignity for all people.

As an organization whose mission centers on gender equity, we recognize that equity in any form is not accomplished successfully until it intersects with diversity and inclusion.

We understand and acknowledge that our organization has fallen short in inclusiveness of diverse populations of women and girls. We commit to doing better – starting now. We see how we can do more to represent and advocate for what is important for women and girls of color, the LGBTQ+ community, women and girls with differing abilities, and those with differing socio-economic backgrounds. 

Through the guidance of our friends of color, we see how we must lead ourselves to do more in order to truly fulfill our agency vision of helping to create “an inclusive community where all women and girls thrive. No exceptions.”

We’ve heard the call to action that tells us we must do more. And we will act to: 

We will act with Dignity. Will you join us?

Here is how you can help: