Women & Philanthropy

Never underestimate the Power of the Purse

Thanks to all who supported our '19 Power of the Purse luncheon.

  • 400 attendees
  • April 2020 -- save the date

Power of the Purse is our largest annual fundraiser, but more importantly, it celebrates the philanthropic power & possibilities when women and men come together to empower women and inspire girls.


Congrats to Daisy Frazier

Daisy Frazier embodies those qualities by working tirelessly in the Fond du Lac community to foster inclusivity and a sense of belonging for all. She travels the trails of uncharted territory, widening the path for our least privileged citizens and invites everyone to follow her along the way. She is a force of positive change and goodwill, and believes that everyone has worth and dignity. Daisy possesses a gift of turning adversity into wisdom which, in turn, transforms societies. Her strength of character and compassionate support for all inspires everyone around her to continue their journeys toward their goals. Read more about Daisy ›


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Local Sponsors & in kind contributers

Thank You Sponsors

Huge thank you to our 2019 luncheon sponsors. Your financial contribution and support allows for more funds to go back into the community, supporting the growth and strength of local women & girls.