Kimberly Blick 2023 Green Dot SHEroe

Our next Green Dot SHEro, Kimberly Blick, works to instill the ideas of bystander intervention in school-age children in the Fond du Lac School District. She was jointly nominated by Marian Sheridan and Morgan Schmidt, former and current members of our Board of Directors, respectively. And although our Green Dot program is geared toward adults, here’s what Kim said about “why” it’s important at all ages:

Kimberly Blick 2023 Green Dot SHEroe

“I have been working professionally with youth in our community for over 15 years through Boys & Girls Club, Girls on the Run and most recently, as a school counselor for the Fond du Lac School District. While I am continually reminded of the rising challenges our youth are facing every day, it is the noticeable impact of a supportive adult that inspires me.

“In a career that directly supports youth in our community, I have learned that children have an incredibly powerful voice. It is up to us as supportive adults to allow all children to be both seen and heard.

“We need to celebrate each child’s uniqueness, build their confidence in facing big challenges and empower them to use their voice to create positive change for themselves and others.

“I am hopeful that the work I do not only encourages supportive adults to build safe and trusting relationships with our youth, but also helps children be courageous, and speak up for what is good, right and kind.

“In the beginning of the school year, I read a book to several classes called, ‘Our Favorite Day of the Year. ‘ Following the book, each student shares their favorite day of the year. When it is my turn, I share that my favorite day of the year is the annual Girls on the Run 5k event. It is the culminating event after many weeks of learning about inner strength, connecting with others and facing challenges.

“It is this event that truly represents what I believe is so important as we work together to tackle some of society’s biggest challenges. It brings it all to life and quickly reminds me of the power of connection and courage, and I haven’t missed the annual 5k yet since the program started.”

Posted on April 25, 2023


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