Amy Bayer, DV Services and Day Stabilization Services at SSM Health 2023 Green Dot SHEro.

Amy Bayer, supervisor of DV Services and Day Stabilization Services at SSM Health, is our next Green Dot SHEro. Amy was part of the first group of 43 trained in facilitating in November 2018. Since then, she’s taken an active role in helping train others. Here’s her words on “why” Green Dot matters:

Amy Bayer, supervisor of DV Services and Day Stabilization Services at SSM Health, is our next Green Dot SHEro.

“I had the opportunity to be part of the initial group trained in Green Dot for Fond du Lac in 2018. I was asked to participate as my role at that time was focused on prevention education; therefore, becoming a trainer for a bystander intervention perspective simply made sense.

“I participated in training and the expectation for doing this because I ‘had’ to, quickly switched to a want. I want to live and work in a community where violence is not tolerated.

“In understanding Green Dot’s philosophy and approach, it is possible. Although, due to the nature of work I currently do, I would be out of a job then. This would be a good problem to have!

“I am part of committees involved in planning and facilitate when I can. I am saddened that my ability to facilitate is not as prevalent as it had been; however, the energy in the initial training was motivating and memorable. I continue to grasp that energy when I have the opportunity to present.

“Over the 5 years of being involved, I have had the privilege of presenting in front of a number of different professionals, community members, in a number of different locations within the Fond du Lac area. After each training, I found the excitement continued to grow as this bond developed from individuals from different backgrounds and different experiences.

“I have heard stories of trauma or witnessing trauma.

“I have seen individuals who identify as introverts connect with the program and find joy in the ability to do something.

“This program helped me grow in not only my ability to present, but as a professional as well.

“I currently hold leadership roles in two programs. I encourage staff to have the mindset of stepping in, and if they are unable to, reach out. Through this encouragement, I have seen staff grow in confidence in their work with clients and as colleagues.”

Posted on April 25, 2023


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